Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd. Opening Ceremony Shining Opening Ceremony

On June 16, Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jin Gaoli Group, ushered in a grand opening ceremony in Qinbei Industrial Park, Henan Province.

Mr. Yan Zhanming, Ms. Lu Xuemei, Vice-Director of the Administrative Committee of Qinyang Industrial Agglomeration Zone, Mr. Zhang Honghai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xixiangzhen Town, were invited to attend the event. Mr. You Dongsheng, Chairman of KGE Group, Mr. Wang Navy, Vice-Chairman of the Group, Mr. Wu Xikun, Chairman of Henan Xingfa Aluminum Industry, and a large number of representatives of dealers, industry colleagues and industry media gathered at the celebration site. Witness this historic moment together.


Mr. Yan Zhanming, deputy director of the administrative committee of Qinyang Industrial Agglomeration District, announced the opening ceremony of Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd.
Lion dance performance


Mr. You Dongsheng, Chairman of KGE Group, and Mr. Wang Navy, Vice-President of KGE Group, are the keys to the lion dance.


Celebration scene

As the largest supplier of fluorocarbon coatings industry in China, Jinkouli Chemical Industry has grown from small to large, from weak to strong in the past 16 years, and has gradually become the largest and most advanced group enterprise in curtain wall coatings field in China and even in the world. Nowadays, the Group aims to become a global leader in the paint industry, based on its headquarters in Guangdong, South China, and continues to expand its service network nationwide. The establishment and commissioning of Qinyang Branch in Henan Province is a brilliant stroke in the blueprint of Kim Koryo. It is also of great significance for the group to open up the central China market, serve the customer groups in the central China region and promote the implementation of the national layout strategy.


Group Rational Planning for Multi-point Layout
Enter the Plains of the Central Plains "Soldiers" Competitive Place

At the beginning of the celebration, Mr. Wang Navy, Vice-President of Kim Koryo Group, made an opening speech. President Wang first expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the leaders, guests and customers who came to the scene. General Wang said that June 16 was a day full of passion and joy for Kim Koryo people. With the concern and support of the leaders at all levels of the government, the trust and assistance of the customers in Henan and the joint efforts of all the staff of Henan Branch, Henan Branch has shown a better market prospect, and thus opened the prelude of the company's increasing investment and construction in Qinyang, Henan Province. Take this opportunity to promote mutual understanding between the company and customers, so that customers in-depth understanding of the enterprise's market positioning, product and service advantages and future direction of development, but also to further clarify the enterprise's needs in product updating and service. As a new member of the KGE family, Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd. will continue to work hand in hand with customers and friends to win-win situation and provide customers with more excellent products and service experience.

Address by Mr. Wang Navy, Vice-President of KGE Group

It is understood that Jin Gaoli Group has more than 500 employees. It has branches and production bases in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Chengdu, Henan, Jiangxi, Shandong and Xinjiang. It also has offices and color centers in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, Hubei, Fujian and Shandong. In 2017, the company's annual production of fluorocarbon coatings is 16,000 tons, powder coatings 15,000 tons, various raw materials 15,000 tons, supporting diluents 2,000 tons. Among them, fluorocarbon coatings ranked first in China for six consecutive years, accounting for more than 40% of the market share. It is the largest supplier of fluorocarbon coatings in China and even in the world. The annual sales of aluminium powder coatings also ranked among the top four in China. "Our biggest goal is to become the leader of the global paint industry. With the completion of the construction of factories around the world, we believe that we will become the"leader"of the building materials powder industry in China. Wang always said.

Address by Mr. Wu Xikun, Chairman of Henan Xingfa Aluminum Industry

Mr. Wu Xikun, chairman of Henan Xingfa Aluminum Industry, delivered a speech as a customer representative. General Wu said that it was a great honor to be a customer representative to witness the glorious moment of Jin Gaoli Group. Five years to sharpen a sword, in many years of development, Kim Koryo and Xingfa Aluminum Industry work hand in hand to become bigger and stronger. Jin Gaoli Group has opened engineering projects in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Chengdu, Henan and other places, which is just in line with the various projects of Xingfa Group, with large scale and complete supporting. In 2017, the volume of bilateral transactions reached 120 million yuan. A good supplier is more important than a good customer. A stable supplier is also the foundation to support our continuous development. It can provide us with lasting guarantee in terms of quality and service efficiency.

Since the cooperation in 2007, KGE Group has given all-round support to Xingfa Aluminum Industry in terms of price, quality and service. We have also been steadfastly supporting the development of Kim Koryo and sharing honor and common ground. I hope you can be like Xingfa Aluminum, to be a high-quality customer of Golden Koryo, let KGE be our high-quality supplier.

Speech by Mr. Peng Yong, Director of Marketing Department of KGE Group

 In 2014, in the context of fruitful results, the Group aims at Henan and Central Plains, taking advantage of the profound local cultural background, perfect resource allocation and obvious advantages of the latter, formally invests in the construction of factories, and better radiates services to customers in the central and Western regions. In 2018, based on the group's development strategy, KGE formally established the Market Development Department. 

"KGE Market Development Department is established on the basis of mutual prosperity and cooperation with our partners. We believe that any market that is separated from the feelings of partners must be incomplete and unsustainable." At the opening ceremony, Peng Yong, Director of Marketing Department, said that in the past three months, in the East and South China market, all the projects run by the company have brought actual benefits and orders to partners. With the deepening and development of the work of Marketing Department, it will bring more obvious economic and social benefits to partners.

Address by Mr. Bai Baojun, General Manager of Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd.

Medium-current hits water, but if you don't advance, you will retreat. Looking around the country, all chemical enterprises are striving to seek opportunities from industry competition, find motivation from the national strategy, strive to catch up and surpass, and strive to be the first. In his speech, General Bai said that the opening of Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd. reflects the spirit and courage of KGE Group to "stand in China and look at the industry". With clear objectives, accurate target matching and scientific planning, KGE Group will surely take a new step in the "qualifying competition" in China and even in the global industry.

Ribbon cutting ceremony


Celebration Photo


KGE Group Top Level and Henan Branch Team Photo

After the speech of the leading guests, a solemn ribbon-cutting ceremony was held. The guests present applauded one after another and offered their sincerest wishes to the Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Bai Baojun's general manager led the leading guests to visit the factory.


New Coatings Army came into being, celebration style and hot baton

The vibrant lion dancing, exciting and festive music and the cheerful atmosphere at the celebration site made the guests deeply feel the vigorous vitality of the birth of the new coatings army. During the next visit to KGE factory, the visitors were deeply impressed by the clean and uniform production environment, high-efficiency and high-quality production equipment, innovative and environmentally friendly product applications.

Mr. Bai explained the development of KGE Group for visitors


Guests visit the factory

Xiongguan Road is really like iron, but now it's moving from scratch. The opening of Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd. is both a link between the past and the future. It is a link between KGE Group's insistence on technological innovation, the improvement of product service quality and the satisfaction and reassurance of customers. Here we sincerely wish Zhaoqing KGE Decoration Materials (Qingyang) Co., Ltd. another brilliant innovation!