R&D Center of KGE Group

Founded in 2012, R&D Center of KGE Group possesses 30 domestic and overseas high-tech R&D personnel and a group of well-known experts in the industry. The laboratory is equipped with the world's most advanced research and testing equipment, such as gas chromatograph and salt spray machine imported from Japan.

Resin Synthesis Room, Paint Research Room, Inorganic Synthesis Room

It is the organic chemistry experiment, an inorganic chemistry experiment, a resin synthesis, a polymer polymerization laboratory, and is equipped with a chemical experiment instrument. It can perform all inorganic, organic, polymer polymerization chemistry experiments, paint trials and other operations, such as acrylic resin, poly ester resin, auxiliary synthesis, etc. Good ventilation and fire-fighting equipment in the laboratory ensure safety during the experimental operation.

Comprehensive Laboratory, Physical and Chemical Analysis Room

Comprehensive Laboratory, physical and chemical analysis room is equipped with a batch of advanced instruments such as Q-LAB QUV aging instrument, Q-FOG salt spray machine, BGD867 xenon lamp aging instrument, GC-2014C gas chromatograph, precision water analysis tester, LS-909 laser particle size analyzer, etc.